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Video – Amazon as a Branding Tool

Brands all across the world are asking themselves how eCommerce marketplaces, specifically Amazon, fit into their go-to-market strategy. How can Amazon coexist and reinforce a Brand’s global strategy and help build the total market for its products as well as its brand?

Amazon is many things, it isn’t is a brand building platform.

Amazon at its core is the greatest reflection of organic consumer demand we have today. Because the barriers for entry are so low, direct import products from manufacturers all around the world are able to go toe-to-toe with household brands we all use every day. If a direct import company can win the organic search for the market they are targeting, at the expense of a well-known brand, they can overtake, displace, and own an entire market in a matter of months using a brand name nobody has ever heard of.

Search bluetooth headphones and check out Amazon’s Choice product and the Best Seller if you want to see what we mean.

Amazon as a platform behaves very differently than traditional retailers and we’re committed to helping our clients understand the differences and how they can both defend and grow their brand on Amazon in a truly Amazon-specific way. 

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