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Introducing Scout by Run AMZ

Our Amazon Analytics platform, Scout by Run AMZ, is the best way to consolidate, compare and visualize all your performance data from both Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central.

Scout By Run AMZ

Understand Your Performance on Amazon

Data Aggregation & Analysis

Scout by Run AMZ dynamically gathers all available data from Amazon’s various sources and aggregates them into a central dashboard for analysis and comparison. Review Revenue, Page Views, COGS, Buy Box, Lost Buy Box, ROOS, ASP, Units Sold and Conversion Rate data — all filterable by Category, Subcategory or on Select ASINs.

Data is presented for analysis as a simple Executive Summary plus charts & data tables for a deep dive. Top change drivers are automatically surfaced to demonstrate the why behind the numbers.

Vendor Central & Seller Central

Brands are often on only Vendor or Seller Central, but sometimes a Brand is operating both. We gather all available data from both Vendor Central and Seller Central and allow you to toggle between platforms.

Historical Analysis Visualized

We programmatically capture & store all data points possible and we even show data from years of sales before working with Run AMZ. New data is added daily and users can select any date ranges from our dataset for analysis.

Compare any date range to YoY or prior period. Each comparison is visualized with charts and in data tables. Users can compare results between any of 12 unique data points.

Deep Dive By Category or ASIN

Filter by categories, and subcategories or dive into specific ASINS. Customize views and data points to understand your business with actionable insights.

Built for Any Scale

Every brand has different needs, so we built Scout to be able to handle intense volumes of product ASIN’s, categories, subcategories, or even concurrent users. Built to auto-scale for load on AWS, we capture & process hundreds of thousands of lines of new data from Amazon’s APIs daily.

Your Data, Securely Held

Built completely on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, we utilize industry-standard technology for hosting, backups and firewalls. All data & code is protected by Amazon’s robust scale both in the cloud and at their data centers. All code is containerized for interoperability between managed clouds & is securely stored. All data is securely backed up AWS and is always transferred over SSL.

Coming Next To Scout

Sales Forecasting

Automating Run AMZ’s proprietary S&OP process will enable robust demand planning  & dynamic forecasting of revenue & inventory needs.

Marketing Analysis

Similar to our Sales & Revenue reports, gather insights about your holistic marketing campaigns & brand presence.

Alerts & Trends

Set fixed and dynamic point alerts to receive alerts about what’s happening on your account. Scout will also automatically analyze trends as they occur.

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