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Can I Ask for Buyer Feedback?

Reviews are essential to your Amazon store for a few reasons: they help increase your Seller Authority, they help increase your conversiorate, and they help inform potential customers. Amazon has been more and more restrictive about how sellers ask for feedback, but the short answer to ‘Can I ask for buyer feedback?’ is yes you can! You can using marketing mailers and emails to reach out to customers and ask for fair feedback regarding your products.

Marketing Mailers

Amazon has cracked down on sellers asking for feedback in exchange for discounts or free products, but sellers can still include a mailer within their packaging that requests fair feedback – typically by asking for feedback either good or bad experiences. You can include how much help it is to get feedback from customers, a link to your seller page or the product page where they can leave a review, or steps on how to leave a review of the product or you as a seller.

Again, sellers cannot exchange reviews for discounts or products, but many customers know and realize how beneficial their reviews can be on Amazon. It all acts as another way that Amazon is trying to engage brands and help companies use Amazon to build their brand. This type of brand loyalty is something that previously hasn’t existed on Amazon where customers were more interested in the best product at the lowest price. We are seeing this brand first approach with Amazon’s own labels as well as the importance they have been placing on Brand Registry and Transparency.

Marketing mailers included with product packaging are one more way to reinforce a brand with its customers.

Email Campaigns

Amazon now allows sellers to send one email to customers after their purchase asking for feedback. Like the mailers, these emails have to ask for fair, unbiased feedback from their customers with no mention of an exchange of products or discounts. The tricky part is in writing a good enough email to get a response from customers as emails are easily ignored and deleted without ever being read. As we mentioned above, more customers are engaging with sellers now that the know the significance of reviews.

When writing the email, there are plenty of tracks that can be taken from short and sweet to emotionally charged. The email should thank them for their purchase, let them know how important their feedback (again, good or bad) is, and give them the option of reviewing your seller page or the product page.

At this point, and partially because Amazon was sending too many emails to customers as well (a customer could get 3 emails from the seller and then another 3 from amazon every time they made a purchase), sellers get one chance to engage their customers via email in order to get a review form the email. A/B testing becomes extremely important, as does tracking results, and constant experimentation with the emails.

If you need any help figuring out how to get more reviews of either your seller page or your products, reach out to the experts at Run AMZ!

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