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Amazon Copywriting Best Practices to Attract New Customers and Boost Conversions 

In the vast Amazon marketplace, a product detail page goes beyond just a listing – it’s a crucial touchpoint to a consumer. Adding thoughtful content to your product listings will help capture the attention of consumers and guide them towards purchasing. In today’s competitive landscape with Amazon’s advanced algorithms, the content on your listings plays a vital role in the visibility of your products in search and the conversion rate of each page. 87% of customers consider product content essential when deciding to purchase online, showcasing just how important clear and compelling product content is to your Amazon success.  

3 Types of Product Copywriting 


Your Amazon title is one of the few elements shoppers can see before they click onto the detail page. Well-crafted titles will boost the click-through rate to your listing but note that the Amazon title character limit is 200 – so choose your words strategically.  

With Amazon titles, we’ve noticed many brands keyword stuffing to improve SEO, and while optimizing for organic visibility is undeniably important, sellers must strike a balance between targeting keywords and maintaining their brand voice. Keyword stuffed titles may seem beneficial for SEO, but they can cheapen the product and create confusion in the search results. On the other hand, titles that are too short can limit both SEO effectiveness and consumer reach. The key lies in finding the right balance between the two. A strong title should incorporate relevant keywords while still being clear and concise, maximizing visibility while also enticing your target customer. 

2. Bullet Points  

Your Amazon bullet points should accurately describe how the product works and any attributes such as size or material, and other unique selling points. Highlight product benefits using descriptive and SEO optimized words to educate customers by using phrases like “buttery smooth,” “incredibly tough,” or “rock solid”. Your goal should be to communicate what the product is and why customers should purchase it within 3 seconds of them landing on the page.  

The Amazon bullet point character limit is 500 per bullet or 4,000 max (for all 5 bullets). Here is a general hierarchy you can follow:  

  • Bullet 1: Brand and Product Name, and Type/Category – what is the consumer getting?  
  • Bullet 2: Design/Material – why do customers like it?  
  • Bullet 3: Technique/Specs – how it’s used and what it looks like  
  • Bullet 4: Brand statement – what makes your brand or this product special/unique?  
  • Bullet 5: “Confidence statement” – explain why a customer will have confidence buying it 

3. Descriptions 

Take full advantage of your Amazon product descriptions. Surprisingly, we see a lot of sellers missing out on the potential this section can offer. The description provides an opportunity to upsell customers by going more in depth on your product’s attributes and benefits. Go deeper into how the product looks, feels, and what customers can do with it. Consider the in-store experience those same customers would have and try to incorporate different elements to address real-life use cases and alleviate any concerns. You can add additional product photos or comparison charts to further resonate with buyers. Overall, utilizing product descriptions to their full capacity will build trust with your products, allow customers to envision themselves using the product, and ultimately increase conversions. 

Note that it’s okay to leave promotional text in the product description that talks about other items included in the product line, such as accessories, other colors/variations available, or other products you manufacture that work with the item. You can also place product synonyms in the description. For example, if you used the keyword “fishing rod” in your title but some customers search “fishing poles”, you don’t want to miss out on a portion of shoppers looking for the product. 

Product Listing Optimization Objectives 

Optimizing Amazon listings with new product copy should achieve 3 main objectives: 

  1. Drive upper funnel awareness and consideration of your products. 
  2. Drive organic reach and grow your customer base. 
  3. Create consumer engagement and trust through compelling educational product content. 

The set up of your product detail pages will make or break your conversions. Invest in the best copy possible to ensure maximum conversions and continuously monitor and re-optimize your Amazon copywriting to ensure ongoing success. 

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