Amazon today is not the Amazon of yesterday

Beyond best practices, We bring innovation to the table- Giving our brands more control over their Amazon business

It’s Not Your Granddad's Amazon Sales Strategy

We move our brands away from the traditional Vendor Central or mass reseller model to engage directly with their customers at all levels of the Amazon platform.

  • You Own The Store

    Our brands are in sole control of the products listed, the content and your message within the Amazon ecosystem (with our help, of course). You tell your brand story best – don’t trust it to someone else.

  • You Own the Pricing

    Our brands set pricing for their products. That means no more fighting algorithmic repricers. You choose the retail price that makes sense for your business.

  • You Own the Margin

    This is a direct to consumer strategy with direct to consumer margins. Brands have to move this direction on all marketplace platforms to remain competitive in today’s ecommerce environment.

  • You Own Your Sales Growth

    When you have a partner like us giving Amazon all the attention it needs, you take share from competitors, not other sales channels.

  • You Own the Customer Experience

    Amazon doesn’t have to be a pain point, it can be a controlled, curated experience for your customers and a contributing resource in your omni or multi channel efforts.

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Sales Management by Run AMZ

Strategy & Structure

Brand Strategy Improvement

Go-To Market Strategy

Map Engagement & Enforcement

Reseller Clean-Up

Competitive Data Tracking

Seller Central Management

Shipping Logistics

Inventory Management


Sales Optimization

Marketing Management

Listing Creation and Optimization

Enhanced Brand Content

Curated Promotion Strategy

What We Don't Do

Buy Products

We aren’t a warehouse or distributor. Amazon owns the most advanced distribution system in the world. We use this network to store and fulfill products so more margin goes in our clients’ pockets.

Request to be your exclusive distributor

We offer a cost-effective method to get products into the hands of the customers, leaving more control for the brand without sharing margins with a 3rd party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of brands do you work with?
Most of our clients are medium to large-sized businesses with an established brand presence in their field; and most have existing sales on Amazon through either Vendor Central or multiple resellers. If you're not sure, give us a call. We would love to chat.
Do you work with sellers who list other peoples product?
Truth is, we care a lot about brands, so in most cases we don’t work with resellers. But there have been instances when it makes sense, specifically if the reseller has relationships and permission to sell the brands they are listing. If in doubt, give us a ring.
I am currently selling on Vendor Central, can we work together?
The vast majority of the time, yes, without any issues. There may be extenuating circumstances where it is not allowed and other instances where it doesn’t make sense for your business, but that is not typically the case.
What about state taxes – I heard selling on Amazon can cause issues
There is a tremendous amount of conflicting information out there on taxes, but since we’re not CPAs, the lawyers want us to keep it brief. What we can say, is that there are several strategies & technologies available to help manage any sales tax issues and taxes have never been a roadblock for any of our clients.
I don’t think I need full service sales management but we do need help. Will you work with me?
We understand. Every brand needs something a little different. If you don’t need the full list of services we offer, we do short term project based work on a limited basis. Generally this means a 1-3 month engagement where we set you up right and you take it from there. Give us a call to find out more.
Can I quit selling on Amazon? It seems to be more trouble than its worth
The truth is, even if you don’t want it, another 3rd party can and will list your product on Amazon. Not taking action is like letting your product be sold at a swap meet. Besides, with over 50% of all product searches starting on Amazon in 2017, and over 40% of all online purchases routing through the Amazon platform, there is a huge opportunity when done right!
Can you guarantee MAP will be followed if I work with you?
In short, nobody can guarantee MAP compliance on Amazon. For most companies, MAP enforcement doesn’t occur through the Amazon platform itself. It must be controlled through other means by the manufacturer. That said – we do this all day and would love to guide you through that process.
I am currently selling on Vendor Central, am I really allowed to change to a Seller Central model.
The vast majority of the time, yes, without any issues. There may be extenuating circumstances where it is not allowed and other instances where it doesn’t make sense for your business, but those are rare.
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