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Amazon Product Listing Optimization Leads to 37% Increase in Conversions for Sports and Outdoor Brand with Large Catalog

With an improved variation structure and listing page content, Run AMZ helped Safariland boost Amazon conversions by 37%


Complex catalog with over 9,000 SKUs

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    Improved variation structure & digital merchandising

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The Problem 

Safariland USA was a gun holster and safety gear brand for law enforcement officers and civilians. The company used a Vendor Central model to sell their products on Amazon and had a complex catalog of over 9,000 SKUs. Products were difficult to shop within the Amazon platform and although traffic to product pages was significant, conversion rate was limiting sales volume. For any holster model, consumers could choose between 3 different hip heights, 6 colors, and 55 gun models, but many of these products were visible on individual listings. This created 250 child ASINs under a single parent variation. 

Due to the number of consumer options that went into a given Safariland order, the brand’s team struggled to manage their catalog. Further, the set up was confusing for shoppers who were looking for very specific products. Thus, Safariland USA reached out to Run AMZ for help improving their listing organization and catalog of items. 

The Solution 

When Run AMZ’s partnership with Safariland USA began, the brand and agency participated in a 3-day intensive onsite. During this time, Safariland’s team walked Run AMZ through their product line, what items they wanted to offer on Amazon, and the current challenges they were hoping to resolve. 

After Run AMZ learned the main issue was Safariland’s listing organization, the agency recommended a solution of grouping products rather than having them as individual ASINs. This product strategy addressed the brand’s struggles of maintaining their catalog while also making it easier for customers to shop

Realizing that customers shopped Safariland products by the type of gun they owned or the type of holster they wanted to purchase in nearly equal proportion, Run AMZ built a new content and variation structure that would assure shoppers searching either way could easily find the product they were looking to purchase: 

  1. Run AMZ re-wrote titles and product descriptions in addition to creating new detailed listing images for nearly every product in Safariland’s catalog. The agency prioritized showcasing the product data in a more digestible way, such as visualizing product specifications and better demonstrating how they worked. 
  2. Run AMZ applied a new variation structure to thousands of ASINs so that the catalog was less cluttered and easier to shop.  

After implementing the above changes, Run AMZ conducted extensive testing to validate that the new shopping experience resulted in the intended results: a higher conversion rate without a loss in traffic. The newly designed product pages helped consumers choose the right products, increasing conversion rate and reducing returns in the process. 

Run AMZ also upgraded Safariland’s Amazon storefront to better reflect the brand’s image and products. In doing so, Safariland’s target audience was able to resonate more with the company and their mission.  

Amazon storefront examples: 

After refreshing the content for all Safariland products, Run AMZ looked for more opportunities to improve the brand’s catalog. After noticing that customers were often purchasing a group of products together, Run AMZ recommended price increases combined with bundling. This new option gave shoppers convenient bulk products at a discount (in comparison to buying the products separately). Additionally, Safariland was able to generate more revenue from the listing updates due to the strategic price increases implemented by Run AMZ. The agency made sure to boost prices only by a small portion so that Safariland products were still competitively priced (i.e., still likely to earn the buy box). 

After working on price increases and bulk discounts, Run AMZ launched marketing campaigns for the brand’s existing Amazon products. Later, as new products were launched, Run AMZ followed the same process of loading them onto Amazon, updating their detail page content, and launching ads to drive traffic and conversions. Lastly, Run AMZ helped Safariland with promotions and logistics planning for Prime Week and Turkey 5. 

The Results 

In the month that Run AMZ launched the listing optimization updates, Safariland USA saw an incredible 37% increase in conversions! Pageviews also grew thanks to the Improved visibility on site.  

Run AMZ’s partnership with Safariland USA proves that a well-thought-out strategy around consumer behavior can heavily impact a brand’s Amazon performance. With a focus on listing organization, content optimization, and targeted advertising, Safariland’s Amazon sales grew an impressive amount within only a short period of time.  

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