What is an FNSKU?

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What is an FNSKU?

An FNSKU is a unique code that Amazon uses to link a product to a specific seller. While you can still use a UPC code for your products, you run the risk of commingled inventory. An FNSKU prevents your inventory from being confused with another seller’s inventory and prevents your store from seeing poor reviews if another seller is not doing a good job. Literally, FNSKU stands for Fulfillment Network SKU or Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit.


As we mentioned above, Amazon can commingle your inventory. This means that if you are selling a product and someone else is selling that same product, Amazon doesn’t differentiate. You can run the risk of a rogue reseller doing some damage to your reviews if they sell on your product listing and send damaged items or the wrong item or any number of other disruptive practices aimed at damaging your store’s reputation.

For example: say you make and sell peanut butter. You also sell to distributors to get your peanut butter in physical stores, but your distributor also sells to a couple folks who resell on Amazon. One of these Amazon resellers is selling expired product, but they need to get it out of their inventory, so they sell it under your product listing, but for less as they attempt to move inventory quickly. Unfortunately, if you only use UPCs, Amazon will direct all negative reviews about the expired product to your product listing, since that is where the purchase was made.

The good news is that if you use FNSKUs, Amazon will be able to stop the negative reviews and bad press from getting to your product listing since they will see that it was obviously not your product that was expired and being sold even though it was through your product listing.

How do I get FNSKUs?

You will need a UPC in order to create your product listing in Amazon, but at the very beginning of creating your product listing you will have the option to either continue with your UPC, or use FNSKUs.

  1. Log in to your Seller Central Account

  2. Add a product from your account

  3. Select a category for your product

  4. Fill out the required fields and UPC information

  5. Save the listing and go to Manage Inventory

  6. Select the listing once it shows up in your inventory

  7. Select Listing for FNSKU labels

  8. Save the FNSKU labels

  9. Use these labels to affix the FNSKU over your UPCs

And that is it! You don’t have to pay for new codes or go through any process other than the 9 steps above. The FNSKUs should save for 30-up labels so you can just print them out as you would any other 30 label page!

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