What is Amazon SEO?

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What is Amazon SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and since Amazon utilizes a different algorithm than Google or Bing, we use the term Amazon SEO. Basically, Amazon SEO is SEO that assumes transactions. The optimization that takes place under this assumption is then almost purely informational, hence product listings with product dimensions and bulleted feature lists. Question queries or searches simply do not happen on Amazon, that research takes place elsewhere; users are on Amazon to buy and the optimization of pages flows from that.

Amazon SEO and Keywords

As we mentioned above, users simply do not ask questions on Amazon. There are no how, what, why, who, where, when searches since users simply want to make a purchase. One of the largest mysteries that traditional (Google based) SEO tries to answer is that of user intent: how did a user arrive on a website and did they find it helpful? Amazon has removed the intent question; everyone is on Amazon to look at products that they are thinking about buying.

We like to think of the difference between Google and Amazon search engines like the difference between a research library and a big box store. Users go into a research library looking for an answer like “how long ago did dinosaurs exist?” They approach the reference librarian (Google) and ask where they can find a book (website) that answers their question. The librarian points them in the right direction.

Amazon, on the other hand, utilizes a search engine that much more closely resembles the customer service counter at a store. A user walks into the store and up to the customer service desk (Amazon’s search) and they ask “where would I find cookies (or any product)?” The customer service person points the user in the right direction. The user then is confronted with an array of cookies (products) for various prices. At this point, the user might do some research about the products (their ingredients, or they may be looking for a specific brand) or compare prices, but it is very different from the traditional search engine research.

Amazon SEO and Transactions

Unlocking user intent is a massive win for any one looking to sell on Amazon and it has already been unlocked for you! For the most part, Amazon users are looking for that which most closely matches their search for the lowest price. Size 9.5 Nike Air Jordan’s? Chances are very good that this user is not going to even consider a sandal, or a pair of Puma or Adidas shoes, or even an Air Jordan shirt. They want to know where they can get the best price on that specific shoe. They might be looking for a specific color or a particular style, but if their first query does not show them what they want, they will refine.

Keeping the transactional nature of Amazon Users in mind is crucial when you are making your product listings. Are users going to want to know your brand’s story? Maybe, but they are definitely going to want to know if a shirt fits big or small, or to see a sizing chart, or to know if something was made in the USA, or some other uses for a product, or how much fun a product is, or if the product will fit in their home. These are all fairly straightforward facts like product dimensions, specific numbers associated with specific sizes, uses for the product itself, etc.

Because you know that a user wants to buy your product or something similar – maybe just something lower priced – you are able to test many different points of data to find the sweet spot that allows you to sell the most products. That could be including relevant data in your product listing, or having really engaging lifestyle photography, or maybe it is purely a price point issue. We will talk more about how to optimize product listings on our next post!

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