The Amazon Product Page: Tips for Setting up Your Product Page

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Tips For Setting Up Your Product Page

Because each category can have unique requirements and limitations, I’ll cover a few, key, universal principles that should always be considered when beginning to sell a product on Amazon:

  • Product images are crucial. Companies should use all available image slots and should carefully consider Amazon’s product image requirements.

  • The first image is the most important image because it will appear on search results pages.

  • Product titles should be clear and concise but not leave out any detail about product variation. For example, companies should use size, color, and quantity attributes in the product title:

    • Ex: “Shoes” versus “Men’s Brand X High Top Basketball Shoes – Size 12 – Black and Red – one pair”

  • All available bullet points should be used in order to provide customers with as much information about the product as possible. The same methodology and level of detail should be used for the Product Description – be clear and aim to answer any lingering questions a customer might have before they purchase.

  • Product reviews are very important for the success of a product, if customers leave negative reviews and they seem to coalesce around a certain issue, consider the implications and seek to address the concern with product improvements or by setting better customer expectations with the content on your product page.


Product page quality is one of the most important factors in being successful on Amazon and cannot be overstated. From the moment a Product Page is created and an ASIN is assigned to the Product Page by Amazon, Amazon is tracking page performance. Whether companies like it or not, their product pages are either growing their search position or making them fall further behind their competition.

Are you thinking of selling or already selling on Amazon? Optimizing Amazon ecommerce efforts is a specialty of ours. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns about Amazon Marketplace. It’s a powerful tool when used strategically and we’d be happy to advise you on how to use it to your business’ advantage.

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