Seller Central Customer Feedback

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Seller Central Feedback

Amazon’s review and feedback systems are crucial to your store’s success for a number of reasons. The biggest advantage of good customer reviews is the inherent trust that other customers place on these reviews. Amazon also places a lot of emphasis on good customer ratings as it affects a seller’s ability to get into the Buy Box as well as – if the ratings are consistently poor enough – continue to sell on Amazon. Focus on getting good, high quality customer feedback and you can watch your conversion rates increase.

Good Feedback = Trust

Ever ecommerce expert will tell you that real, positive reviews will increase your conversion rate. Especially online sales benefit from good customer reviews and insights. Since so many people are shopping online, any input from other humans is taken positively and holds much more weight than any sort of salesy speak in the product listing or even a review on a well known website. Folks have become highly sensitive to anything that even remotely resembles a sponsored article or subtle advertisement and they will be much more resistant to purchasing those products. However, with verified purchase reviews, Amazon has given customers an honest, verifiable way to trust someone else’s experience with a product.

This honesty means that good feedback and good reviews are more important than ever for your customers. Amazon also keeps track of these reviews in order to build you a Customer Feedback score on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being Excellent and 1 being Poor. Amazon uses both the good feedback as well as the poor feedback in order to give each seller a score.

Bad Feedback Carries Serious Repercussions

Winning the Buy Box might be one of the singularly best ways to sell your products on Amazon. The Buy Box gives a product the Buy Now button when a customer clicks on it, and it is awarded through a number of different metrics, but one of the most important metrics that allows a seller’s product to win the Buy Box is negative customer feedback.

Negative feedback numbers must remain below:

  • 1% for Order defect

  • 2.5% for Pre-fulfillment cancellation

  • 4% for Late shipment

Go over any of these limits and you will be taken out of contention for winning the Buy Box even if all of your other metrics (advertising, Prime, etc) are perfectly in line with Amazon policies.

Feedback Rules of Thumb

It makes sense, in the end, that Amazon wants only sellers who conduct good to excellent business on their platform. Keeping sellers in line with policies ensures the highest quality products are sold through Amazon and Amazon is doing more and more all the time to help brands and keep poor quality products out of the hands of customers. It might seem like a lot to follow, and there are a lot of policies, guidelines, and metrics to keep track of when trying to keep your Amazon store up to par. In the end, it comes down to selling high quality products and ensuring that they arrive at the customer in good quality and in a short amount of time.

Here is a quick list of ways to ensure that you maintain a high Customer Feedback score:

  • Sell the highest quality product, either your own, or from a trusted source

  • Fulfill any order within 24 hours, but the faster, the better

  • Ask for customer feedback, but never harass your customers

  • Use FBA to ensure the fastest shipping and fulfillment to anywhere in the country

If you are having any trouble regaining a high Customer Feedback score, contact the experts at Run AMZ! We have helped lots of clients recover from bad ratings.

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