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What Keywords Should You Use in Your Product Listings?

As you build your product listing, you will come across a field labeled “Keywords.” But what keywords should you put in the field? Advertising keywords? SEO keywords? Are there other keywords that we haven’t discovered yet? The keywords that you should focus this limited space on are Brand Keywords. Brand keywords are about all the space you have in the 250 character limited space.

Brand keywords, or branded keywords, are the keywords that are based on your brand: your brand name, any trademarked words, and any ubiquitous products. Alright, those suggestions alone probably have you over the 250 character limit. So how many characters is 250?

This sentence contains exactly 250 characters, with spaces, which is not much when talking about wanting to list keywords that you don’t have to pay for, but that you want your product to show up for on Amazon instead of paying them for advertising.

Do you have a long brand name? Sorry, but the 250 character limit is what Amazon has put their foot down on. Therefore it is imperative to get the most value out of this space as possible. But how? Again, your brand name is going to be the most valuable here. Your brand name is going to be reinforced by your product listing titles, the fact that your brand is going to show up as the seller under the title, and on any product photography with your brand name on it. That kind of reinforcement is a huge trigger for Amazon’s algorithm.

Near and Misspellings

You might be able to spell your brand name correctly every time you type it, not everyone will. Imagine how many people mistype a brand like Nike, but hey, accidents happen. So let’s account for some of those accidents in the space we have left. Leave off a letter or two from your brand name, misspell it in any way you can imagine, spell it phonetically if it isn’t already, and use keys near the letters that are in your brand name. Get creative butchering your own name!

Ubiquitous Products

If you have any space left over after all of that and you have a product that is synonymous with your brand name, or even more popular than your brand name, then add that product. Especially if your product is better known than your brand name, then add the product and misspellings of it instead of brand names, and then if you have space, add your brand name. Take the Apple iPhone for example. While Apple is well known, most people looking for an iPhone aren’t going to start with Apple, rather they are going to start with iPhone for their search. So in this case, the listing keywords would want to focus on iPhone and similar spellings.

In the end, what ever you have space for is what you should include in the keywords field of your product listing. You can use the product listing copy and advertising to cover for any of the terms that you may not have space for in this limited field.

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