How Do I Increase My Amazon Seller Central Storage Limit?

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How Do I Increase My Amazon Seller Central Storage Limit?

The easiest way to increase your storage limit for your Seller Central account is by moving 8% of your inventory for 9 consecutive weeks. Once you accomplish that\, then you can increase your inventory every two weeks until you have the inventory space you need, Your inventory space will never be decreased, either, so once you reach an amount that works for you, you don’t have to monitor your simits any more! Oh, and it’s free to increase your Seller Central storage limit.


Increasing your Seller Central Storage Limit

There are quite a few ways to ensure that at least 8% of your inventory sells for 6 consecutive weeks:

  • Start with a small inventory
  • Advertise like crazy
  • Sell a product that you know is going to fly off the digital shelves

Amazon starts everyone off with a 1000 unit storage limit that they can increase by 500 after moving 8% of their inventory for 9 consecutive weeks. After the first increase, sellers can increase their storage by 500 every 2 weeks if they continue to move 8% of their inventory.

The tried and true method, although it means staying on top of your inventory, is by starting with a small amount of inventory that you know will sell at least 8%. Especially if you are going to need a large amount of storage in the future, this is the best way to make sure that you give yourself plenty of storage space farther down the road.


The Recommended Method for Increasing Your Seller Central Storage Limit

The easiest way to increase your storage limit would be to send in inventory up to your storage limit and then have 8% of that inventory sell for 9 weeks in a row. However, that isn’t the most realistic method as there are a few things working against you: you’d have to sell at least 80 products the first week, 74 products the second week, 68 products the third week, and so on. The whole time, however, you are also paying the storage fees for the maximum amount of products.

The tried and true method is to start low and answer this question: how many products do you think you can sell in your first week? What about your second? And finally and most importantly, how long does it take to get inventory into Amazon’s DCs and checked in?

If you start conservatively, you have an awesome chance to increase your storage limit in the first 9 weeks of opening your store.

  • Estimate how many products you think you can sell in the first month of selling on Amazon and ship that amount in
  • Keep a close eye on your inventory and be prepared to ship more in to replace the amount sold and increase what you have
  • Try not to over stock your inventory so that your time doesn’t reset
  • Set a reminder to check back in with your inventory storage limit at the end of 9 weeks

Ideally, you are able to increase your storage limit to such an extent that you are able to save money on whichever shipping method you use. Most of the time, that is moving from Amazon partnered carriers (UPS and FedEx) to LTL and palletized shipments.

Keep in mind that any inventory you ship in that sits at a DC for a month will generate storage fees. However, these are usually small if you are keeping your inventory to a minimum.

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