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Why Amazon’s new one-day shipping is a greater threat to brands than retailers

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Growth Strategy Consulting by Chris Gray

Amazon made headlines in late April when their CFO Brian Olsavsky said they would be enhancing their Prime offering from free two-day shipping to free one-day shipping. Olsavsky went on to say that Amazon plans to spend $800 million in the second quarter in order to improve its warehousing and delivery infrastructure to achieve this goal. Now that the dust …

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Video – Amazon as a Branding Tool

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Growth Strategy Consulting, Videos by Chris Gray

Brands all across the world are asking themselves how eCommerce marketplaces, specifically Amazon, fit into their go-to-market strategy. How can Amazon coexist and reinforce a Brand’s global strategy and help build the total market for its products as well as its brand? Amazon is many things, it isn’t is a brand building platform. Amazon at its core is the greatest …

What do Amazon’s New Long-Term Storage Fees Mean?

In Growth Strategy Consulting, Supply Chain Management by Chris Gray

Amazon’s long-term storage fees were updated on August 15th, increasing charges on the minimum monthly charge for items that are in storage for longer periods of time. The increased fees are dependent on the number of units and the amount of space they are occupying. The way that Amazon has historically assessed long-term storage is by monitoring items on the …

Can I Ask for Buyer Feedback?

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Can I Ask for Buyer Feedback? Reviews are essential to your Amazon store for a few reasons: they help increase your Seller Authority, they help increase your conversion rate, and they help inform potential customers. Amazon has been more and more restrictive about how sellers ask for feedback, but the short answer to ‘Can I ask for buyer feedback?’ is …

What is An Amazon Reseller?

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What is An Amazon Reseller? An Amazon reseller is simply someone or some company that buys products and sells them on Amazon. Much of the time, they have purchased items at wholesale or in bulk form a distributor. Many businesses that sell on Amazon know who the resellers of their products are, but at the same time there are resellers …

Why You Should Hire an Amazon Agency

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Amazon agencies are cropping up, should you hire one? Amazon was built for folks that wanted to sell their own products. Everything about Amazon – to an extent – has been created with small business owners who want to reach a larger audience in mind. Unfortunately for those small business owners, or even large companies looking to sell on Amazon, …