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Video – The Perfect Amazon Listing

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Listing Optimization & Marketing by Chris Gray

Over 50% of online searches for products begin on Amazon. With all that attention and traffic, effective product pages are critical for brands. At Run AMZ, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their brands to build the perfect listings for their products. Whether it is the title, bullet points, A+ or Enhanced Brand Content, long description, back-end …

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Why Amazon’s new one-day shipping is a greater threat to brands than retailers

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Growth Strategy Consulting by Corey Thomas

Amazon made headlines in late April when their CFO Brian Olsavsky said they would be enhancing their Prime offering from free two-day shipping to free one-day shipping. Olsavsky went on to say that Amazon plans to spend $800 million in the second quarter in order to improve its warehousing and delivery infrastructure to achieve this goal. Now that the dust …

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Video – Amazon as a Branding Tool

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Growth Strategy Consulting, Videos by Chris Gray

Brands all across the world are asking themselves how eCommerce marketplaces, specifically Amazon, fit into their go-to-market strategy. How can Amazon coexist and reinforce a Brand’s global strategy and help build the total market for its products as well as its brand? Amazon is many things, it isn’t is a brand building platform. Amazon at its core is the greatest …

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Amazon Prime Day Series (Part 4 of 4) – Game Planning

In Advertising on Amazon, Amazon Insights, Ecommerce by Corey Thomas

With something as big as Amazon Prime Day, ultimate success comes down to preparation. With the four strategies outlined in our previous entry in our Prime Day Series, we’re going to dive right in and unpack how brands should prepare for Prime Day. General Game Planning: Anytime Amazon runs a major sales event – Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Prime …

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Amazon Prime Day Series (Part 2 of 4) – Predictions

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce by Corey Thomas

In this second installment of our four-part Amazon Prime Day series, we’re going to attempt to predict a few things that Amazon will do for this year’s Prime Day. As we make my predictions, we’ll grade how “bold” each prediction is using a 1-10 scale and consider a “Favorability Score” of the result for Amazon’s sake if it comes true.  …

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“The Great Enabler” – How Jeff Bezos used his Letter to Shareholders to fight back

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce by Corey Thomas

On Thursday, April 11th, Amazon released its annual letter to shareholders from Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Today, we’re going to break down the letter and dive into the obvious and subtle messaging Mr. Bezos used to try and show how Amazon is more of a curious, intuitive, enabler of success, than a cold, calculating, and ruthless tech giant. Because, …

Amazon Prime Day Series (Part 1 of 4) – The History of Prime Day

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce by Corey Thomas

Baseball is back, vacations are planned, gas prices are going up and spring is transitioning into summer, so it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s new favorite holiday, Amazon Prime Day. As both shoppers and sellers, we all know Summer is Coming and Prime Day is almost upon us. Over the next four posts, we’ll take a deep dive into …

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VIDEO – Branding with Amazon Content

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Listing Optimization & Marketing, Videos by Chris Gray

Over 50 percent of online product searches in the US are starting on  For most businesses that means more of your consumers are interacting with your brand on Amazon than on your own website! So, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to take control of their product content on the Amazon platform.   Often, clients come to me …

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VIDEO – Amazon Vendor Central vs Seller Central

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce, Videos by Chris Gray

With uncertainty looming around the future of Vendor Central and the likelihood of Seller Central becoming a viable option for manufacturers, we’re going to break down the differences between these two strategies. Background The explosive growth of online marketplaces over the last five years raises serious questions for many manufacturers.  We are often asked: “should I sell TO Amazon, or …

Did Amazon Really Cut-off Thousands of 1P Vendors?

In Amazon Insights, Ecommerce by Chris Gray

A week ago, Amazon halted purchases from thousands of vendors. What is happening now and what does it mean for manufacturers? What Happened As previously reported by DIGIDAY and FORBES, Amazon unexpectedly stopped ordering from thousands of vendors on their North American platform on March 4th. Vendors, who for years received routine purchase orders, woke up to absent POs and …

Amazon Transparency Tracking

In Amazon Insights by Corey ThomasLeave a Comment

Amazon Takes One More Step Against Counterfeit Products Amazon has long been a champion of the brands that choose to sell through the ecommerce platform, and now they are making it even easier for brands to ensure authenticity with Transparency. What is Transparency? Amazon Transparency allows customers to see everything about their purchased product including manufacture date and location. Amazon …

Online Losses Cost Walmart Heirs $14 Billion

In Amazon Insights by Corey ThomasLeave a Comment

Is the largest indicator of Amazon’s health Walmart’s losses? As Amazon dominated Q4 online – with over 85% of all online transactions – Walmart seemed to hold its own with around 4% of all online sales. Walmart also reported growth in every quarter of last year, but apparently these stats were not enough to save Walmart in the stock market …

Amazon Announces Shipping with Amazon

In Amazon Insights by Corey ThomasLeave a Comment

Shipping With Amazon In a rather anticipated move, Amazon announced that they will be trying out their Shipping with Amazon in Los Angeles with plans to expand to other US cities within the year. Amazon has already been busy building out it’s shipping infrastructure on the water, in the air, and in your house over the past decade. Now the …