Black Friday 2017 Report

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Black Friday 2017 Report

While we are experts on all things Amazon, our ecommerce interests often lead us to reading and following trends outside of the selling giant. Black Friday is one of those times where it is especially helpful to read up on sales numbers online – plus it is pretty cool to compare internet-wide numbers to what Amazon did on its own. This year saw some pretty significant increases across the board.

The Best Black Friday Ever

Trust is Up – Especially on Mobile

In ecommerce, one of the hardest places to make a sale is on mobile devices. This has always been explained by consumers lacking trust in the security of mobile transactions. The other metric that translates well into shoppers trusting retailers is the conversion rates on websites. Both of these metrics were up. According to Adobe Analytics, conversion rates across all devices were up by double digits.

Mobile is the story of the season as it accounted for just over $2 billion in sales – a new record.

16.9% Increase over Black Friday 2016

Final totals from Black Friday saw an increase of 16.9% over Black Friday numbers in 2016 resulting in a single day sales record of $5.08 billion. This pales in comparison to Ali Baba’s $25 billion in sales during China’s Single’s Day shopping holiday. When we compare average dollar per person spent with China’s population of 1.379 billion and the US’s population of 323.1 million, we see that the Chinese spent about $18.13 per person, while Americans spent $15.72 per person.

Average order value across all online sales was around $135, which was less than a 1% increase from 2016’s average order value.


Have you heard about Amazon? They sell things, and they sell a lot of things. In fact, this Black Friday saw Amazon account for upwards of 55% of all online sales. Transaction-wise, Amazon saw 7.14 million transactions on Black Friday alone. For some perspective, there were just under 40 million (39.8 million) transactions across the top 50 retailers online over Thanksgiving Weekend. Thanksgiving saw 12.5 million transactions and Amazon accounted for 5.64 million or 45.12% of those. Black Friday saw 13 million transactions with Amazon boasting 7.14 million or 54.9% of those!

Walmart was second in online transactions on Black Friday with 1.14 million or 8.8% of all transactions.

Thanksgiving Day

Maybe not strangely, many online retailers saw larger numbers on Thanksgiving Day than they saw on Black Friday. Combining the growth in mobile sales and the fact that most people are home and not shopping at brick and mortar retail stores on Thanksgiving, this makes a lot of sense.

The Walmart, BestBuy, Kohls, and Target websites all saw more transactions on Thanksgiving than on Black Friday. Perhaps Thanksgiving will continue this trend in the next few years.

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