Amazon Reviews: Overview

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How can I get Amazon reviews for my products?

If you ask anyone trying to sell anything online, they will tell you that customer reviews help improve conversion rates. Customer reviews on Amazon also play a role in your product’s rankings in search results as well as your product’s conversion rate and click-through rate. But how do you go about getting reviews from your customers? Amazon has some pretty strict rules that they monitor closely regarding how sellers can get reviews from customers, but this overview will help you earn your reviews without Amazon shutting your seller account down.

How to get Amazon Product Reviews from Customers

It used to be a popular practice for sellers to give product away in exchange for a good review on Amazon, but Amazon stopped that because the reviews were not authentic. Amazon has also instituted the ‘Verified Purchase’ badge for reviewers who actually bought the product they are reviewing from Amazon. Another common practice that Amazon has put the clamps on is soliciting for reviews physically. Sellers would throw in a card or piece of paper asking for 5-star reviews or positive feedback from customers, but amazon thought this, too was not a source of authentic reviews. Sellers have also taken to email. Drip email campaigns requesting feedback after a purchase is received, 3 days later, and 7 days after that were very common until Amazon placed a limit of one email to customers after purchase.

So how does a seller get reviews now? The first option is organically. Sell a good product and provide a great experience for your customer and some of them will leave positive reviews. Obviously, customers are more likely to leave a bad review if anything is off, so this method can be a long wait. You can still include a card within your packages asking for reviews, but if Amazon sees them, they will more than likely penalize you or your seller account. You can also still send one email, but you have to make sure that the email is well worded and engaging enough for customers to respond in kind.

The Best Way to Get Customer Reviews

The absolute, tried-and-true best method for getting customer reviews is by selling a great product that exceeds expectations while providing an experience that also exceeds expectations. The experience expectations have changed dramatically over the years. The bar for a package arriving at your doorstep even 5 years ago was closer to two weeks than two days, but now if a package doesn’t show up in two days customers will complain. Apart from doing a good job and waiting, there are a few methods that work well for engaging with customers and getting good reviews.

You can create good, balanced marketing inserts to provide with your products. This method works especially well when your product is already packaged and Amazon does not have a way to expose the inserts. You have to make sure to not offer any sort of incentives for a review as that is against Amazon policies. Your mailer must ask for honest reviews, and can be transparent about how reviews help sellers.

Drip emails are still effective, but that first email has to be on point or it will be ignored. Again, you cannot use salesy language or offer discounts or free products or other incentives for reviews. Emails must be worded asking for feedback, whether good or bad. Even something as simple as ‘Tell us how we did! It means a lot.’ can be effective.

The expensive and possibly store changing way to be able to incentivize reviews is through the Amazon Vine program. That requires sellers to be on the Vendor Express or Vendor Central platform and costs between $2,500 and $7,500 per ASIN.

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