Amazon Growing in Portland

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While it might not be a second headquarters, Amazon is nearly doubling its footprint in Portland

Amazon’s AWS made the news when it bought the late Sam Blackman’s Elemental Technologies in 2015 for $296 million. Now Amazon is making news again in Downtown Portland as it has agreed to lease 85,000 square feet in the Broadway Tower, which is set for completion in October 2018.

On top of opening two new distribution centers – with a planned third on the way, the NYT mentioning Portland as a top 4 city for Amazon’s second headquarters, and several other indicators, we have to wonder if Portland is actually going to be selected as Amazon’s next headquarters.

Is this a purely AWS move, or can Portland expect something more from these massive offices? For comparison, AWS Elemental’s current office space is about 100,000 square feet and houses their 400 employees comfortably with room to expand to 600 employees.

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