Advertising on Amazon: Broad Campaigns

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Broad Campaigns

Broad campaigns come with their own complexities as they are great for finding new keywords, experimenting with keywords, and still keeping your ad costs low while generating conversions. Quickly, all of your campaigns – whether they are auto, broad, or exact – should be focused on converting shoppers. If a campaign is not seeing any conversions, then it is time to reevaluate that campaign, but we will touch on that in another post.

Broad Campaigns: Proving Ground for Keywords

Broad campaigns sit very much in between auto and exact campaigns. When creating a broad campaign, it is best to add all of the exact keywords you are using as both keywords and negative exact keywords. Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? Why would you add a keyword and then tell Amazon to not show your ad when people use that keyword? Because you don’t want to overlap with your exact campaigns.

Basically, you are telling Amazon to show your ads when shoppers are looking for things that are similar to your product, but not exactly your product.

If the center of the target represents your exact keywords, then a good way to think about the broad campaign is that it is the white area around the exact keywords. We are not being patronizing, here, it’s more of a logical stance.

We want our broad campaigns to not overlap with our exact campaigns, but we want them to bump up against each other. The line where they bump up against each other is the exact keywords. When we add the exact keywords to the broad campaign and

then add them as negative exact matches, we are telling the Amazon algorithm to show our ad for keywords that are just over the exact keyword line.

The Return from Broad Campaigns

Because broad search terms include words before and after the keyword you entered as well as misspellings and other variations of your keyword, they can be extremely helpful to target or retarget your exact keywords. If you have a product or brand name that is hard to spell and people keep misspelling it, but you are unaware of that – it’s a word you deal with every day, after all – your broad campaign might let you know that. Or if a plural of one of your exact keywords is garnering a lot of conversions the broad campaign will show your ad for the plural.

It is important to go through your search terms report in order to assess what folks are searching for when they see and click on your ads as these are where your new keywords are going to come from.

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