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Amazon Furniture Sales Grow by 33%

Millennial Families Furnishing Homes Help Amazon Furniture Sales Increase

Amazon has doubled down on two things that have helped increase sales in the Furniture category: branding its own lines of home furnishings – Stone & Beam and Rivet – and captivating the Millennial family population. We’ve mentioned that Millennials and especially Millennial families are one of the fastest growing consumer segment on Amazon, but Amazon has also done an incredible job making its marketplace especially welcoming to this segment.

Millennial Shoppers by the Numbers

Mobile phones are now used to make around 47% of all purchases on Amazon, while 50% of all Prime members use their phones to most often make a purchase. In a study conducted by Feedvisor, over one quarter (27%) of 1,576 respondents between the ages of 18 and 70 were between the ages of 27 and 32. That means that over a span of some 52 years, over a quarter of those respondents were concentrated in less than one tenth of that span (5 years). That span encompasses the older to middle Millennials perfectly, too. These represent the tech savvy, mobile first, just now starting career sector of the population.

Those careers are also allowing older Millennials to buy and/or furnish homes and start families. It is little wonder that a generation that is never far from their phone is helping Amazon cement themselves in just about every retail category imaginable.

Household Goods Increase

As Millennials are the key demographic for all things domestic now – Baby, Health & Personal Care, Kitchen, and Home Automation – Amazon and the brands selling on the platform would do well to continue marketing to them. Despite the debate about whether Millennials are simply lazy or left with a harder row to hoe, the Amazon numbers reveal that at least a large section of this generation are able to shop for themselves.

How Do You Market to Millennials?

Take a look at the Rivet storefront. While their products are not exactly centerpieces, they are designed with apartments in mind. The storefront even mentions space saving solutions. Prices on products are also comparable with Ikea – the other space saving home furnishing elephant in the room. Stone & Beam does something similar, featuring a young mother and child, and offering affordable family solutions. Both of these storefronts also make it clear that their products are moveable, too with words like durable, or style that fits every room.

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