FAQs and Answers

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, please get in touch so we can help.

How are you going to grow our sales?

We take a multi-faceted approach that looks at improving content, marketing, pricing strategy, operations, and more. For details check out our services section or get in touch to have a more detailed discussion. 

How long does Run AMZ work with clients?

Once a client completes our onboarding process (typically 3-6 months), we begin working on an annual contract basis. 

What ecommerce marketplaces do you offer services for?

Currently Run AMZ offers services for the Amazon.com.  It is our goal to offer consulting services for other marketplaces as soon as possible and we will provide updates as these other marketplaces are added to our service offering.

What is the impact going to be on our operations when we start working with Run AMZ? 

Operations will largely go unaffected, except that products will be fulfilled directly by you instead of an online fulfilment service (if you were using one) like Amazon fulfilment.

If we’re already getting a large order from an online retailer like Amazon each month, shouldn’t we accept that as a success and leave it alone?

If you sell to an online retailer like Amazon, then Amazon will be a direct competitor of your products being sold on their marketplace. By making you the seller with the available product, we remove this competition and positively impact your sales. For a more detailed answer feel free to get in touch – we’d be happy to explore what is possible with you.

What happens if I want to stop working with Run AMZ?

While we never want to see a client leave, things happen.  As long as a company provides 60 days written notice and fulfills their contract with us, we are able to off-board each of our clients.